OKIOK - Data Privacy Policy.

©OKIOK, 2022, Issuing date: 2022/04/27

1 Purpose

OKIOK’s software products S-Filer™, S-Filer/Sanctum™, RAC/M Identity™ and OKIOK SIEM™ are provided to customers for their needs related to cyber security. This policy complies with the ethical and legal requirements to protect our customers’ privacy.

1.1 Scope

This policy applies to the information gathered and processed by OKIOK under its control.

1.2 Commitment to Privacy

OKIOK maintains confidentiality of customer information that is under its control. All information stored and conveyed through OKIOK networks is encrypted.

S-Filer, S-Filer/Sanctum, RAC/M Identity and OKIOK SIEM only collect, maintain, and use customer information as necessary to provide the products and services required by customers.

OKIOK honors customers' requests to remove their names or other information from OKIOK’s systems in a timely manner.

OKIOK’s products may use cookies for authentication capabilities (essential cookies).

2 Information gathered

2.1 General operations and Web site

As part of it’s day to day business, OKIOK may collect the following information:

Most of the information collected under this category is business contact information and it is protected using recognized encryption mechanisms. This information is used internally to contact and send information about our products and services, to provide the said services or for system maintenance and administration.

2.2 S-Filer/Portal and S-Filer/Sanctum

The customer’s information processed through S-Filer/Portal™ and S-Filer/Sanctum™ is stored on their own systems, but some data may be stored on OKIOK’s system.

OKIOK does not collect any other personal or sensitive information.

Personal, confidential or sensitive information uploaded to S-Filer, is encrypted and protected. Only the senders and people in their sharing community will have access to the information uploaded or shared on S-Filer.

2.3 RAC/M Identity

The customer’s information processed through RAC/M Identity consists of:


The customer’s information processed through OKIOK SIEM also includes:

The information is retained according to retention policy and in accordance to the Protection of Personal Information law of Quebec.

Some information can be transferred to third parties for specific data enrichment capabilities and features. Third parties are required to respect the same conditions documented in this policy.

3 Protection of information

Information security is very important to us. We have in place physical, administrative and technical safeguards designed to protect data from unauthorized access. OKIOK’s products use recognized security protocols and encryption mechanisms for the storage, transfer and sharing of your data. All data stored, transferred, or shared on our systems by the customer is considered confidential.

Customer personal information is protected and only authorized individuals have access to it.

3.1 Third parties

Except for specific OKIOK SIEM features, OKIOK does not outsource or transfer customers information to third parties. In all cases, OKIOK does not sell or share any customer information.

3.2 Storage

Information processed through OKIOK products is stored in Canada, with the following exception:

3.3 Access

The privileges granted to all OKIOK employees are periodically reviewed by information owners to ensure that only those with need-to-know requirements have access.

Access control systems use passwords, multi factor authentication and other technologies to ensure authorized access.

3.4 Destruction

Upon termination of services, all sensitive information, stored on OKIOK systems, that is no longer required is deleted.

3.5 Physical security

Access to every office, computer room, and work area containing personal information is physically restricted.

OKIOK personnel must protect personal or confidential information on their desks or working areas when unauthorized persons are in the immediate area.

OKIOK personnel must log-off or enable a screen saver, or similar utility, if unauthorized persons can see their computer screens.

4 Limitation of liability

OKIOK provide tools and services to customers for their own use. Considering the nature of cyber security services, OKIOK’s customers and their users are responsible to put in place additional and required security measures on their own systems, such as internal and external access controls.

5 Requests

For any request regarding the access of your data, rectification, or deletion, please contact us at info@okiok.com.